Cooperation agreement between the Business Research Park Chemelot B.V. in Geleen (The Netherlands) and the International Technology- and Service-Center Baesweiler GmbH (Germany)

The relations between the Netherlands and Germany can be characterized, particularly within the economic sector, as very intensive ones. Experts found out that the economic relations worldwide merely between the United States and Canada are more intensive than those between Germany and the Netherlands. This becomes apparent in foreign trade, too. Foreign trade between Gemany and the Netherlands amounted in 2006 auf to a total of 134.2 billion € and exceeded approx. 24 billion € the previous year value. The exportations to Germany accounted for 78.8 billion €, the importations in contrast 55.4 billion €. The Dutch exportations to Germany makes up about a quarter of the total of Dutch exportations. The highest positions within this bilateral trade are industrial and agricultural products.

The harbor in Rotterdam, which is internationally presented quite often as “Germany’s largest harbor”, is for Germany of particular importance. By Rotterdam the Netherlands are the “gateway” to Germany (and to Europe) for the trade with Asia.

Germany still remains the most important business market for the Dutch economy. For Germany the Netherlands are, after France, the most important trade partner for foreign goods and services.

Nevertheless, even in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine a very large cross border cooperation and business potential lies fallow. To utilize this potential in a better way, particularly for the small and medium enterprises in the region, the City of Baesweiler and ITS Baesweiler intend a close cooperation with the Business and Research Park Chemelot B.V. and the DSM-Research-Campus in Geleen.

Aim of the cooperation is to encourage and support cross border cooperation. The emphasis lies here in entrepreneurial and research cooperation between the companies on site as well as cross border exchange of experience, in particular concerning innovative and technological questions. In a first step existing events (such as the “Baesweiler BioTec-Meeting” or the “chemcafe” in Geleen) should get a more and more obvious cross border and international orientation by means of the corresponding cooperation partner.