As a spin-off-company we received intensive support and profited from the wide network of ITS Baesweiler. As an established company we now appreciate the modular concept of ITS which enables us, at any time, to rent more offices and laboratories according to our needs.”

Dr. Lothar à Brassard, CEO, PerkinElmer chemagen Technologie GmbH

“The m2p-labs GmbH moved into ITS Baesweiler during its expansion. The company has found here excellent conditions for equipment, support, flexibility, and environment. The location is surrounded by attractive research and education facilities in Aachen, Maastricht, Jülich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Bonn. Together with the RWTH Aachen University, we partake in joint research projects with a very close cooperation. Besides the scientific and technological exchanges with the RWTH Aachen, m2p-labs continues to recruit university graduates to ensure we always have highly qualified natural scientists and engineers for our work in the global market.

Frank Kensy, CEO and co-founder, m2p-labs GmbH

“Cook Medical is a true pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgery and since its foundation in 1963, has been to the forefront in developing innovative solutions to help patients throughout the world. The decision to locate its European Distribution Centre in NRW was driven by the availability of high quality infrastructure, its location in the heart of Europe close to major logistics hubs and the business-friendly welcome from the authorities in Baesweiler. This new facility will allow Cook Medical to provide an improved service to hospitals throughout Europe.”

Pat Burke, Director of Operations, Cook Medical

“As subsidiary of an Indian pharmaceutical group we were faced with some formal obstacles already during the start-up phase. ITS Baesweiler provided us with optimal support every time. With the proximity and good contacts to RWTH Aachen University, we were also able to quickly recruit highly qualified personnel. The ITS management also gave us support by helping us realize our expansion plans and relocation into ITS 4.”

Frank Scheid, CEO, BSV BioScience GmbH