The its Baesweiler is a business incubator in the middle of the technology region Aachen. It is located in the 100-hectare Baesweiler industrial park, where over 190 companies are located and are considered potential cooperation partners. Especially in the life science sector, new companies can become part of the closely linked network of renowned and global companies and benefit from their expertise. In addition, the its Baesweiler is a member of the network of 13 technology and start-up centers in the Technology Region Aachen.

The overall aim is to support companies and start-ups with competent and comprehensive advice in their first steps in Baesweiler and to establish them in the region in the long term.

Standort Baesweiler


The ITS is located in the heart of the industrial park Baesweiler. About 30 companies make use of the facilities and services ITS offers. More than 170 other companies are located in the neighboring industrial park Baesweiler and are available as potential co-operation partners.

Due to Baesweiler’s excellent traffic infrastructure and its central location in Europe you can reach nearly all the important European industrial markets within a maximum 4 hours’ drive.


Events at the its

A wide range of events on a variety of start-up and science-specific topics are regularly held on our premises, so that entrepreneurship at the Baesweiler site in particular is supported.

In addition, the its Baesweiler is a member of the network of the 13 Technology and Start-up Centres in the Aachen Technology Region and is closely linked to Forschungszentrum Jülich and Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

The city of Baesweiler

Baesweiler, a city of around 28,000 inhabitants, and the its, the technology and business incubator, are located about 16 km north of Aachen and offer the perfect environment for both German and international settlements. Dozens of companies benefit from the special industrial environment and the supporting infrastructure of the location, but also from the proximity to leading research institutions and the RWTH Aachen University – with over 45,000 students and 9 faculties one of the largest technical universities in Europe. In addition, Fachhochschule Aachen, with its more than 14,000 students in diverse, application-oriented courses of study, offers great potential for young companies.



Prof. Dr. Willi Linkens

Managing Director of the its Baesweiler GmbH

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Email: w.linkens(at)its-center.de


Dirk Pfeifferling

Managing Director of the its Baesweiler GmbH

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Email: d.pfeifferling(at)its-center.de

Stephanie Giesen

Community secretariat

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Email: st.giesen(at)its-center.de

Ute Grasekamp

Community secretariat

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Email: u.grasekamp(at)its-center.de

Jochen Schnappauf


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