Life Science

The Aachen region is marked by a high number of Life Science companies. This development is embedded in a multilateral scientific landscape which is guaranteed by the four most important educational institutions in Aachen and the Aachen region. The Technical University (RWTH) and the University Hospital Aachen, the Research Center as well as the University of Applied Sciences in Jülich enabled about 200 young companies their successful start-up in the Region. Around 75% of these 200 companies are busy in medical technology, around 25% in biotechnology.

The proportion of university graduates, who make a start-up in the sector Life Science, lies at 0.4% all over Germany. In the Aachen region this proportion lies above-average at 1% and an increase to 2% is anticipated for the future.

The Life Science scenery of our Region presents the following main focuses:

  • Bioprocessing/Fermentation
  • Biomaterials
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Technology
  • Proteomics/Therapeutics

Life Science companies

MedLife e.V.

MedLife e. V. is a platform for networking life science-related actors in the Aachen-Jülich region and across borders in the border triangle. The already presented location factors from research and science are also used in this association to make it easier for young companies to develop important resources and competences. Thus, the commitment of its in turn represents a potentially decisive advantage for tenants and start-ups at the Baesweiler location, which we have in store for you.



BIO.NRW centrally catalyses the sustainable development of the strengths of North Rhine-Westphalian biotechnology. BIO.NRW activates cooperation between research, companies, investors and politics at state, national and international level.

As part of the state cluster initiative, the BIO.NRW cluster is supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

BioRiver – Life Science in the Rhineland

BioRiver was founded in 2004 as an independent representation of the life science industry in the Rhineland. With more than 100 members, BioRiver brings together all major players and promotes the development of the Rhineland as a biotechnology location through an extensive network of experts.

Bio River

Baesweiler BioTec-Meeting

The “Baesweiler BioTec-Meeting” is an event taking place once a year, which is initialized by the Baesweiler-based companies busy in biotechnology/Life Science and the ITS Baesweiler.

The event meets with a great response in industry, research and politics in the Euregio as well as all over Germany.

Among the participants are well-known companies such as PAION AG, High-Tech Gründerfonds, evocatal GmbH, Grünenthal GmbH, etc.

Presentations of national and cross border enterprises busy in BioTec, Life Science and pharmaceutics as well as top-class speakers inform and debate with start-up companies.


Life Sciences for scholar

  • Initialized by Baesweiler companies busy in Biotechnology/Life Science and the ITS Baesweiler
  • Event for scholars resulted from the “Baesweiler BioTec-Meeting”
  • Participation of about 150 scholars of different regional grammar schools as well as the College Rolduc – Kerkrade/NL
  • Participation of different universal institutes and research facilities from the Aachen region and the Euregio
  • Guided tours through the companies busy in Biotechnology/Life Science based at ITS and the business park Baesweiler
  • Professional lectures given by qualified speakers from research and industry