The leasing space on offer is as diverse as the ideas of the innovative companies of today.

The functional, up to three-story ITS buildings provide more than 6.500 m² of usable space and have been engineered according to the latest construction technology. Our facilities offer:

  • Production facilities with separate delivery access at ground level
  • Acid-resistant floors and ventilation systems in our laboratories
  • Modern office units with flexible floor plans
  • Centrally located parking lots and underground parking
  • Modern conference rooms outfitted with the latest technical equipment
  • Spacious common and break rooms
  • High-speed internet access via fiber optics
  • Digital, linked-up telephone system
  • The facilities at ITS Baesweiler are the best choice for your business. Leasing arrangements and flexible room concepts are available to support the growth of your company.

In fact, ITS Baesweiler offers on a property of 14,000 m² in the industrial park Baesweiler flexible and variable office units, laboratories, and production halls; each one designed with the highest degree of functionality to correspond to your individual needs.


Our incubator center disposes of office units with modern equipment and flexible floor plans. The smallest units available begin at 12 square meters, equipped with any necessary technical installations. A fiber optics line enables a professional internet use even for companies dealing with high data transfer.

The office spaces in section III are equipped with parquet floors and dispose of integrated file cabinets.


Our laboratory facilities possess – among other features – a special sewage treatment unit (neutralization unit), acid-resistant floors and ventilation systems.

Moreover, all labs have daylight exposure.

The ITS helps you to plan and realize your individual lab equipment and gives support referring to necessary authorizing procedures.

Production halls

33 production hall units, beginning at 40 square meters, offer the possibility to select production or warehousing space according to your specific needs.

Each unit has separate, ground-floor delivery bays. Large, multi-leaf gates and wear-resistant industrial cement floors enable any kinds of use.

Further technical details:

three-phase electric current
industrial water connection
floor load capacity: 7 t/square meter
ceilings: 4.40–4.90 meters

Conference rooms

We dispose of representative conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology to ensure optimal and excellent communication.

Workshops are organized by ITS as well as by the companies and start-ups doing business in our premises: staff trainings, product presentations for their customers and other individual meetings are practicable without any problems.