International in Baesweiler

The International Technology- and Service-Center Baesweiler (ITS) is your gateway to Germany and Europe: 82 million consumers in Germany, 460 million consumers in the European Union, more than 115 million in the rest of Europe – from its a truck can reach two-thirds of these consumers and businesses in a single day’s drive.

To make it easy on you, ITS offers a comprehensive welcome package of special services to foreign companies seeking a prime location in the heart of Europe. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you know what it means to set up operations in foreign countries: different norms, tax structures, language barriers, financial reporting, telecommunications, employee skills, training procedures, marketing, quality controls, patents, licensing, etc.

ITS not only knows about the specific problems facing foreign businesses, we actually go ahead and help you solve them. In fact, we’ll even go one step further and help you avoid them! That’s why ITS has made a name for itself as an ideal location for international business in Germany.

ITS offers all the services you’d expect from a professional business and technology park – from secretarial services to translators and interpreters in major business languages, modern telecommunications, conference rooms, office and production units, workshops and seminars, networking between business, industry, government, R&D facilities and institutions of higher learning, legal services, logistic support, real estate, financial consulting, technology transfer connections, advertising and marketing advice as well as a helping hand to understand some of the different business practices. ITS will help you learn German, find a place to live and a school for your kids, and even show you around the neighbourhood – all at a price you can definitely afford.

Now, if that’s not an offer you can’t refuse, you better give us a call – and tell us what we’re doing wrong! Our philosophy is teamwork and our friendly, no-nonsense approach will make your business work and grow. We invite you to come and give us a good looking over to see for yourself, why ITS, the City of Baesweiler and the Aachen region of North Rhine-Westphalia offer some of the fastest-growing business opportunities anywhere in Europe!

An example – For less than 500.00 € per month you will get:

A 40 m² office, telephone sets, a parking space, the services of our central secretariat, including telephone service, typing service, conference and mail service (plus E-mail address and internet connection), translation service (European and Asian languages), intensive support. counselling regarding financial measures and other subsidy schemes, contacts with authorities, chambers of commerce, employer associations, trade unions and/or research institutions, seminars and workshops at your doorstep, the possibility to rent completely furnished conference rooms.

International companies in Baesweiler

Relocation Service

An important reason for international companies to settle at ITS Baesweiler is our personal and intensive support on site.

We help you:

  • Applying for resident permits for your employees and their families
  • Applying for work permits
  • Founding your new office or start-up business
  • Finding a suitable home and, if necessary, a kindergarten and/or school
  • Establishing contacts with corresponding research institutes in the Aachen region
  • Finding potential regional suppliers
  • Finding suitable staff (job interviews)
  • Finding suitable properties and we assist you in necessary building applications and other administrative requirements
  • Establishing contacts with international ITS-based companies and their employees

Besides we organize German lessons for your employees and their families as well as seminars and workshops, in which the current issues are adapted to the specific needs and interests of international companies.


The ITS Baesweiler supports, initiated in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Aachen and the Aachen Corporation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AGIT), small and medium-sized enterprises during the globalization of their business strategy and coordinates joint marketing activities.

  • Consulting related to specific markets
  • Realization of marketing seminars and workshops relative to specific countries
  • Support of presentations at international exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Organization of cooperation meetings between international and German companies
  • Translation and interpreting service